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American Sign Language~ Sign for the Day ~ Merry Christmas

American Sign Language

Sign For the Day ~ Merry Christmas

Hey everybody….  Brandi here doing my comments from the car.  I’m sure a lot of you are wondering why is Brandi the signing her comments from the car.  She doesn’t usually do that… you’re right, I don’t the reason is because I don’t like to voice and sign at the same time. Typically because English grammar is much different than ASL grammar,  so when voice in English and then try to sign/translate ASL, sometimes it doesn’t really make sense or doesn’t look as smooth or as fluent as I would like it.

Brandi Mahon, Sign Language Interpreter

So anyway…. the reason why I’m signing today is because I’ve had the fortune or misfortunate to have taught some of my hearing friends some signs lately,  and of course they all want to know the bad words,  the bad signs,  or the dirty signs or whatever; (which I’m not going to show you here so don’t worry about that),  and so you know we had a good laugh and we giggled about it or whatever.  And then I started thinking… I said,  well you know, why not better teach them more appropriate signs before they really learn the bad signs,…  So i decided I was going to make a segment of my Comments from the car and call it a sign for the day and I don’t think i’ll be doing it everyday but once in awhile do a sign for the day.

Today I’ve decided that the sign I’m going to teach you all is a Merry Christmas…. Merry Christmas…  See it’s hard to sign and voice the same time because I had spell all that out and I could say much faster. If I try to say it fast and fingerspell it completely I mess up.  So anyway so there are several different ways to sign Merry Christmas.  I’m going to show you sure you two versions. So the first one uses  two signs.  and as you will sign see there’s different ways of saying the same thing.  The sign Merry, which is basically the word happy,….  Merry… Christmas, this is a sign for Christmas. Or the other way is more simple more condense and it’s just MC…  Merry Christmas….  So there you have it…. That’s your sign for the day. So I’m Brandi… life happens and I comment . See you late…  bye!

Oh and I forgot if you have a word or a short sentence that you want me to show you how to sign.   Just leave a comment below or send me a message and I will make it part of my sign for the day sometime in the future….  Now i’m not going to interpret and show you how to do a full paragraph but if you have one word two words or a short  phrase,  I will show you how to do that the best I can!  Alright….  Bye