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Get unlimited data from Verizon

Get your unlimited data plan from Verizon WirelesS

I just upgraded to the Unlimited Data Plan with Verizon Wireless.  Verizon just announced last week the changed their data plans to include unlimited data.  I pounced on it!  I had their unlimited plan years ago but eliminated it because my broadband internet worked just fine for my needs and didn’t need the extra cost.  But with my recent move out into the country… I have sorely missed the speed in which Verizon’s Wifi gave me.  Check out my latest rant on youtube about this.


“Hi everybody, Brandi here here doing my comments from the basement this afternoon.  So this right here…  makes me very happy.  I’m gonna tell you why.  So most of you probably know this by now,  but Sheri and I moved out to the country not last year but the year before.   And we live in Versailles, Woodford County,  and of course we’re sort of out in the country and there’s no broadband internet out here.  Now there’s DSL and we have our DSL, from Windstream, and let me just say this, and let you know that windstream is a lose-lose.

I have had experience with Windstream here at the house and I have experience there are services at a business that I used to work for,  and it neither place that I ever care for their service or what they’re able to provide so we’re supposed to have 12 megabytes of Internet service … no gigabytes…   no 12 megabyte service internet service every month,  that’s the speed anyway.  And we literally cannot stream more than one device at a time.  Now since we have moved out here,  we cut the cord on the cable TV…. so we’re only running off of an antenna and then downloading or streaming our shows on netflix and ESPN and stuff like that.   So because of that when we stream something on the TV,  we cannot run anything on our computers that’s going to actively interfere with that.  And me being a photographer I like to sit in on my couch with my computer and work on my photography photos while I’m watching something on TV, and if I have to upload or download anything…  okay what just can’t do it….  everybody who knows me knows it just drives me crazy!

Verizon wireless announced last week that they were moving to an unlimited data plan.  Now we have have had,  for the last probably six or seven months the 24 gigabyte on plan a month.   And you know we pay a pretty penny for it,  but when i was working and needed to upload photographs for my business…  I had no other choice because when stream either i couldn’t do it because something else was streaming…  or when I did do it…  it took me forever.

So when they announced last week that they were doing unlimited data we decided to go ahead and purchase another [Jetpack] Mifi (like the one here).  I have one already that I use with my computer,  but [Sheri] wanted one as well and that’s because I take mine with me and I use it at various places where I’m at,  so i have a secure wireless network.

And so this came in today and I tell you as soon as I get finished with this video I’m calling Windstream and I’m disconnecting my 60 dollar-a-month bill for 12 Mb.   I just can’t wait I cannot wait!  So here’s my rant and here’s my suggestion for you…  If you are Verizon Wireless customer and are currently experiencing really really slow internet service  through Windstream or some other internet provider, Check out their Wi-Fi their Mifi its called the jet pack or something.  It sounds very on modern but anyway here w  go cutting that ties to Windstream alright life happens I comet take care bye-bye”