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Sir Reilly gets the snip!

Sir Reilly is my new puppy. He wandered into my yard a couple weeks ago. I live out in the country so small dogs don’t usually wander around my house. I figured he must belong to someone, but he was completely matted and looked like he had be out for a while. I posted on various different facebook groups and called the local animal shelter. The owner never came to claim him.

Originally I had planned find a home for Sir Reilly as we had 3 dogs already, and our youngest, Zinny, is used to getting most of the attention and was very jealous (and still is) of Reilly. I had even found an out of state friend who really wanted him and had made plans to travel to come get him, but after spending a few days with Reilly, I just couldn’t give him up. This happened to me before with my cat, Motor, which is another story…

As so it goes, I decided to keep Reilly. He is probably one of the most relaxed chill dog I have ever met… especially for being a terrier. He has yet to bark in front of me and my wife. He mostly lays down and hasn’t really done anything destructive… yet!

I took him to the vet and got all of his shots shortly after we decided to keep him and made an appointment to have him neutered. The vet said based on his teeth, he would estimate him to be between 7 and 12 months. I’m excited to have a young dog that seems to be so well behaved. My last “love” of a dog was my Misty. She was a miniature golden retriever that I rescued from the Townlake Animal Shelter in Austin, which is now called Austin Pets Alive. I had Misty for 17 years… she was my best friend and we did everything together. She was the perfect size and loved to cuddle with me. Misty also loved to go in the car.

Misty died in early 2011 shortly after I had moved to Kentucky. I immediately felt the immense grief that comes when you lose someone that has been so much a part of your life for so long. In August of 2011, I decided to start looking for another dog. My wife found a cute dog, Bridget, in Frankfort and I decided to go check her out. She was so beautiful but was very skittish. She has not been treated well in her early days and it took Bridget a long while to get used to people and open us to us. She eventually did warm up and she loves her new home, but she is not my Misty. She also does not like car rides and normally throws up when we go for a ride. She is not a cuddlier and can not stop licking when you sit on the floor to pet her. So even though I love Bridget (we call her Bridgey), I still long for a companion to do things with me and go on hikes and stuff… I am hoping Sir Reilly will do that with me. He is definitely a lover and a cuddlier.

So back to the reason of this post…. Yesterday we had Sir Reilly neutered and I took some video of our ride to the vet… thought you might enjoying that exchange 🙂


Transcript of video:

“Hey everyone, Brandi here… Doing my comments from the car. Today’s a big day for Reilly. Say hi Reilly.  He doesn’t know this yet but this is probably going to be the biggest day of his life. Yes Reilly.  We are getting neutered today, so we are saying bye bye to those big balls of yours.  See… He says “Why why do we have to take those balls… I did not.. We did not do anything wrong.”  Anyway I just thought I would share that with ya’ll.  Bye! Life happens and I comment.”