Web Site Design

I have been fascinated with web design since the early days of html.  I can remember attending free classes at a web development firm on South Congress St. in Austin, Texas back in the early 90’s.  I don’t remember the name of the company but I just remember I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

A few years later I took a English class at the University of Texas that was “computer based”.  This was the precursor to “online classes”.  I didn’t realize at the time but my assignments were to be posted on the “internet” and we would use html code to format our webpages.  Occasionally I see a search engine result for that work that was posted in the mid 90’s.  I should copy the link sometime and post here so you can see how far I have come !

Over the years, I have taught myself how to code websites either from youtube videos, peer help and sometimes taking an occasional class. I have developed many websites for myself either for personal use or one of the businesses I have owned and operated over the years.  I really began to get into website design and search engine optimization when I became a Realtor and needed a way to find new customers to engage with.  I really started to see how blogging about local real estate markets could help me target my advertising in the niche that I was seeking to be successful in.

blue button F in the form of tag clouds on the keyboard

In 2008, I joined this little social media website called Facebook.  I had no idea how it was going transform my life or how it would impact it. 2008 was the year my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Shortly after I joined FB, I encouraged my mother to join.  This allowed us to stay connected and share pictures.  My mother passed away in March of 2009 and today I still maintain her FB account. I know it is silly but I love seeing the facebook memories of the day where my mom was tagged in the post.

In 2010, I moved to Kentucky to be with my wife, whom I met online.  I started a lesbian social group, called Lexington Lesbian Coffee House,  to meet new people and develop friendships.  This  group started on Meetup.com where we had our main website, but I quickly discovered how social media was a great way to get the word and connect with others.  At the time I am creating this webpage, I have 2752 FB friends and most of them I became connected with to share info about social events and businesses that I help support.  Harnessing the power of social media like facebook, twitter, instagram and other platforms is what I love to do!  If you are interested to find out how I can help you with your social media campaigns, contact me!