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WordPress Bootcamp is coming up!

We have WordPress Bootcamp coming up in Lexington! Be a part of this free training!

To reserve your seat go to https://central-ky-wordpress-geeks-bloggers.ticketleap.com/wordpress-bootcamp/.  Seats are limited so reserve your seat now!


“Hi everybody…  Brandi, here, doing my comments from the car today today. I wanted to remind everybody of a word press event that’s coming up.  It is a sponsored by the WordPress Bloggers and Geeks of Central Kentucky  or  Central Kentcuky WordPress Geeks and Bloggers.  You can say it either way.

We are going to be offering a wordpress boot camp.  And basically what that is going to entail is, four sessions every two weeks starting next thursday January 12th.   Each session is going to last for two hours.  The first hour is going to be some formal training on how to setup your wordpress site, and then the second hour of the session is basically just going to be,  you spending time working on your website.  I will be there to help anyone with their questions on how to get started on their wordpress website.

The class is going to be at Keller Williams Bluegrass Realty training room. You certainly don’t need to be a Realtor to attend but  Realtors are welcome to come.  Basically anybody in the community who is interested in learning how to do wordpress is welcome.

The event is free so there’s no charge for it. You’re welcome to come out.  We do have limited seating though,  so do go to  the facebook event page and reserve your seat by going to the link there  on the facebook event page to reserve your seat. That link will take you to our ticketleap site which is where you can reserve your seat.  You can print a ticket or bring it on your phone.  We will scan you when you come in.

You can find that facebook event,  by putting in the facebook search bar “wordpress boot camp” You can also search it under “Central Kentucky WordPress Geeks and Bloggers.

So I’m really excited about the event!  I hope you are too!  If you’ve got any questions or whatnot please don’t hesitate to give me a call 512 565 5319,  or just shoot me a direct message on any of my social media channels all right take care have a great day!  Life happens and I comment!”