WordPress Boot Camp ~ Lexington January 12, 2016

I love wordpress! I have been creating websites with wordpress for a few years now and this website, Comments From the Car,  is an example of a wordpress website.   I recently had the pleasure of attending my first WordCamp in Cincinnati.  It gave me the inspiration to become more involved in our local WordPress Meetup Group, Central Kentucky WordPress Geeks and Bloggers.  Part of WordPress mission is to help others learn how to use wordpress.  So in that spirit, I decided to host a wordpress bootcamp in January.

The bootcamp is free and open to anyone interested.  The class will be 2 hours over a 4 session period.  The first hour will be a formal training, and the 2nd hour will be time spent working on your own website.  Myself and others will be available to help people with their websites.


Here are the details of when and where the class will be.

WordPress Bootcamp
Keller Williams Bluegrass Realty Training Room
2424 Harrodsburg Rd. #101
Lexington, KY 40503

January 12, 26 & February 9, 23 – 2017
call or text for more info 512-565-5319 (Brandi)


“Hey everyone, Brandi here doing my comments from the basement this afternoon. Just wanted to reach out to everyone to make sure that you remember that Central Kentucky Geeks and Bloggers are putting on their free wordpress bootcamp. It is going to start in January, I believe January 12th is the first class. It’s four classes over a period of 2 months and its going to be every other Thursday. Its being held at the Keller Williams Bluegrass Realty Training room and although the classes are free, there is limited seating. So you do want to go to the website and reserve your. And if you go on facebook and just in the search bar put “WordPress Bootcamp”, you should find it there. And there will be a link there to go onto the website and reserve your free seat. The class will consist of one hour of formal training and then the second hour of each class will be basically you working on your own wordpress website/blog. There is going to be folks like myself there to kind of help other people get up and going. The basic goal is just to help people learn how to do wordpress. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call. I’m one of the organizers at the Central Kentucky WordPress Geeks and Bloggers. And so its alot of fun and we should have a great time. And hope to see you there! So talk to you later! So Life Comments… no thats not my tagline…. my tagline is “Life Happens and I Comment”! Bye Bye”